Sport Cap Deep Purple


Sport Cap Deep Purple

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Go ahead and organise a farewell for those familiar double chins and muffin tops, because you will want to be seen with this purple-n-yellow Sport Cap so badly that you can soon be found at the gym non-stop. There, not only will you steal the show with the way your drinking bottle matches your sports outfit, but the effortlessness with which you drink from it. Because thanks to the advanced suction nozzle, the Dopper sport cap is so easy to use that you can even keep drinking from it while you hold the Side Crow pose on the yoga mat.

– Suitable for Dopper Original and Dopper Steel
– Dishwasher safe up to 65 °C / 149°F.
– Made in the Netherlands.

– PP – Polypropylene
– TPV – Thermoplastic Vulcanisate
All materials are BPA/plasticizer and toxin-free (Bisphenol A is a plasticizer that can let go and get into the food chain)

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Speaking of yoga: did you know that yellow and purple are the colours of your third and seventh chakras? When you drink from your yellow-n-purple water bottle, it magically supports these energy centres. And that is certainly something to be pleased about, because the third canary yellow chakra governs energy, control and balance. A necessity when you need to put in extra effort for that killer spinning session, or need to balance while doing cartwheels on the beam. The deep purple chakra governs strength, ambition and conviction. That could come in handy with the demoralising prospect of squatting and doing the plank for minutes at a time and lifting weights.

Since we find ourselves in the spiritual realm anyway, this might be a good time to mention all the karma credits you’ll earn with the Sport Cap while you lose kilos. By drinking from a Dopper bottle while exercising, you greatly reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles and that in turn reduces plastic waste. Namaste!

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