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One small step for your business, a tidal wave forward for the oceans.

Do you want to be a front-runner? Setting the example for employees, partners, customers and other organisations alike? It's quite easy. Just make your office P.E.T. water bottle free.

P.E.T. is the material of which single-use water bottles are made out of. These water bottles massively impact the environment through production of large amounts of avoidable plastic. Avoidable, because there’s no need for bottled water in most offices at all: mouth-watering water comes straight from the taps! By upgrading to a P.E.T. Free work space, you will reduce plastic pollution and offer your colleagues a clean and healthy environment.

Join the P.E.T. free movement

No-brainer, right? Follow the steps below and together we will lead the way for sustainable work spaces around the world!


Sign up

Naturally, you have decided that you want to join the P.E.T. Free Movement. Congratulations! That means:

  • You don’t provide or sell single-use P.E.T. water bottles at the office
  • Ask your colleagues to drink from sustainable drinkware.
  • Say no to single-use P.E.T. water bottles as giveaway merchandise

This world-saving-action will permanently banish P.E.T. water bottles from your work space and make them a thing of the past. Your P.E.T. Free adventure starts with a magic click on our ‘sign up’ button. When you leave your details, we will confirm your participation by email.


Make it official

After you subscribed, our creative colleagues will start designing your company’s P.E.T. Free pledge. You’ll find this life-changing document – imagine golden rays and angelic songs protruding from your laptop - in your digital mailbox soon.

What’s next? Print it. Sign it. Frame it. And capture this epic moment! Take a picture of your team and the signed pledge and send it to petfree@dopper.com.


Lead the way

The picture of you and your team will be immortalized on our virtual wall of fame, so the whole world can see that you have officially become a P.E.T. Free work space! Exciting! We are really looking forward to get your picture and see our community growing worldwide!

Warning: karma kudos are coming your way!

We occasionally highlight participants on social media. So, if you notice a sudden increase of random winks and hugs, check our social feed!

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Work spaces free from P.E.T. water bottles

Meet the front-runners


This music service isn’t just concerned with sound waves, but also salty waves. If it were up to Spotify, these would all be crystal clear and P.E.T. Free. Hopefully Spotify is able to inspire other companies to do the same.


Bever is the go-to outdoor store in the Netherlands. Luckily they understand all too well that a ‘clean’ outside needs to be inspired from the inside. That’s why the company has a clear conscience by clearing its work space from P.E.T. water bottles.

New York
Asher Jay

Art has a unique power to transcend differences and connect with people on a visceral level – and compel action!