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February 9, 2021

March 11th, 2021 - Haarlem

Edition 2: People as a force for good

A live discussion with:

  • Slave-free chocolate ambassador ‘Tony’s Chocolonely’
  • Fruity do-gooder ‘innocent drinks’
  • Bed innovator ‘Auping
  • Circular jeans brand ‘MUD Jeans’

Moderated by single use plastic fighter ‘Dopper’ and broadcasted live from Dopper’s brand-new office ‘Oceans’ in Haarlem.

B together

What do Tony’s Chocolonely, MUD Jeans, innocent drinks, Auping and Dopper have in common?

They are all Certified B Corporations, driven by their purpose, trying to use their business as a force for good. But how does this work in practice? How do these businesses look at growth? And with which challenges do they struggle? This B Corp Month, you can find out. In this 2nd edition, five B Corps will talk about the People side of responsible business in full transparency. Unpolished, undirected, and passionate.

People as a force for good
The B Corp assessment is categorised in four so called ‘impact areas’: Governance, People, Community and Environment. Where the first ‘B together’ edition had its primary focus on the starting point of having an ethical purpose behind the business model, this 2nd edition shifts its attention to people side of the business: How do you engage your entire organisation with your purpose? How do financial and ethical targets move together? How do you inspire and audit your external stakeholders to follow your mission? But also, how do companies go about diversity and inclusion? And how is the People side of business affected by COVID-19?

About B Corp
Certified B Corporation, or in short ‘B Corps’ are profit driven organisations who use their business as a force to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. In a rigorous auditing process, they have been assessed on their business operations, employer policies and their impact on the environment, communities, and customers. This all-round sustainability label, which also unifies global love-brands like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s, connects over hundred do-good businesses in the Netherlands, like Seepje, Fairphone, Plastic whale and of course the participants of this B together 2nd edition.

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July 2, 2020 - Haarlem

Editie 1. businesses with a mission

A live discussion with:

  • Bert van Son | Mud Jeans international BV'
  • Ynzo van Zanten | Tony's Chocolonely
  • Benjamin van der Kloet | innocent drinks
  • Virginia Yanquilevich | Dopper

Note: this edition is available in Dutch only.

B together ed1

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