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Dopper Original. The first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold bottle collection in the world. Made of 85% waste.

  • st C2C Gold
    1 st C2C Gold World’s 1st Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold collection.

    World’s 1st Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold collection.

  • % upcycled
    85 % upcycled Made of 70% plant-based waste and 15% recycled plastic waste.

    Made of 70% plant-based waste and 15% recycled plastic waste.

  • carbon footprint
    0 carbon footprint Produced in the Netherlands using 100% renewable energy.   

    Produced in the Netherlands using 100% renewable energy.   

New Dopper Original

World's most sustainable reusable water bottle

Meet the most sustainable reusable water bottle collection. In. The. World. With the same iconic look since 2010, it’s what’s below the surface that makes all the difference. In 2022, the Dopper Original became world’s first bottle collection to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold.* What that means? Glad you asked.

The certification is proof that from design to end of life, your ocean-saving bottle meets the toughest environmental and ethical standards. Made of 70% plant-based materials, 15% recycled plastic waste and produced in a factory that runs on 100% renewable energy, making its carbon footprint zero. A production process without any water waste, webshop delivery by bicycle in the Netherlands, and a takeback program at end of life allow you to make positive impact only. 100% recyclable, it’s ready for a circular economy in nothing is made to waste and materials are reused forever. (And ever. And ever. And..).

*applies to the Dopper Original Cosmic Storm, Dark Spring, Pacific Blue, Seahorse Lime, Coral Splash, Polar Blue, Tidal Teal, Moody Mint, and Funky Fuchsia.

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Made of...

A commitment to our oceans

Dopper empowers people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles.

Why? Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans. In that exact same minute, one million single-use plastic bottles are purchased. Coincidence? We don’t think so. This plastic waste never disappears. It just breaks down into smaller pieces. Threatening our oceans for millennia to come. We can do better.

As a Certified B Corporation, we're using business as a force for good.

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Fight waste, don't create it.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™

The Dopper Original is the world's first and only bottle collection to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold. The certification assesses the safety, circularity and responsibility of materials and products across five categories of sustainability performance.

  • Material Health: ensuring materials are safe for humans and the environment
  • Product Circularity: enabling a circular economy through regenerative products and process design
  • Clean Air & Climate Protection: protecting clean air, promoting renewable energy, and reducing harmful emissions
  • Water & Soil Stewardship: safeguarding clean water and healthy soils
  • Social Fairness: respecting human rights and contributing to a fair and equitable society
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Made of...

Zero carbon footprint

The Dopper Original has zero carbon footprint thanks to two main achievements.

  1. It’s produced in a factory in the Netherlands that runs on 100% renewable energy.
  2. It's made with 70% plant-based waste – oil residues from sunflowers, rapeseed flowers and corn to be exact.

Since the plants absorb carbon as they grow, overall, more carbon is removed from the atmosphere than emitted for the Dopper Original's production, leaving it with no carbon footprint.

Zero Carbon

How to use

Congrats. You are now (or are about to be) the proud owner of a Dopper Original. The most sustainable reusable water bottle. In. The. World. To ensure you and your bottle can stand up to plastic pollution for many years to come, here's a selection of our top tips.

UPS Wash
Wash before use ✨

Got yourself a brand new Dopper bottle? Please wash with warm water before first use. After that, clean your bottle, cup and cap regularly. You can do this by hand, to be extra gentle.

UPS Dishwasher
Dishwasher safe 💦

Prefer to let a machine do the work? We get that. That's why it's also dishwasher safe (just keep the temperature under 65°C).

UPS Store
How to clean and store 🌍

For an extra thorough clean, please avoid harsh chemicals. Instead, mix some water and vinegar and soak overnight. Don’t forget to wash it after. Not clean enough? Fill your Dopper with a bit of water and vinegar, two tablespoons of baking soda and stir. Again: wash before you drink. Trust us. Store your Dopper without its cup and cap on. It likes to breathe.

For tap water 💧

Your Dopper Original has been expertly tested and perfected for drinking ‘ordinary’ tap water. Good for you and for your bottle.

UPS Freeze
Do not freeze ❄

Please don't freeze your Dopper bottle. While it's quite the hero when it comes to saving our oceans, it wasn't built to deal with sub-zero temperatures.

For more tips and answers to all your (Dopper related) questions:

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