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Anne-Marie Reichman is Dopper ambassadeur van het eerste uur. Lees hieronder haar gedachten over surfen, oceanen, plastic soep en Dopper. In het Engels, want deze Hollandse lucky bastard bevindt zich vaker aan de andere kant van de oceaan dan in ons kikkerlandje;)

Riding for cleaner oceans with Dopper

“Since January 2015 I started being an official Ambassador for Dopper. For years prior I have use the product and have live their message “The Bottle is the Message”. How ever since this year I was stoked on the idea sharing this message more public via my social media, printed media, radio/TV interviews and public speaking on water-sports event to bring more awareness and inspiration towards a healthier balance in our oceans “riding for cleaner oceans”.

The Bottle is the Message means, that when we all use, reuse and refill our water bottle, we don’t need to buy single used plastic water bottles.
These single used plastic water bottles may get recycled here and there. How ever a lot of the time they don’t (I found out with disbelief). A lot of our trash does end up in our oceans and single used plastic is really tough to break down.

There are huge islands of plastic floating around in our oceans. Animals are dying from eating broken down plastic bits and it is overwhelming to see and realize where we are at all together in this world. The funny thing is that WE end up eating a lot of sea life. What is it we want to eat?
Dopper came up with a solution: a reusable water bottle.

I love how simple, colorful and fun this solution is. Everyone can contribute and start BEING the change to start making a conscious effort to a healthier future.

Personally, I fill up a bunch of bottles when I go on a mission to stay hydrated all day long. I am proud to mention that haven’t bought a water bottle for a long time. It did take a little time to train myself to stay on top of my mission, because sometimes it is easy to forget to bring a bottle where ever you go. How ever, when I switched the switch in my head and really WANTED to make a difference, I could! And I hope we all WILL together.
I have been enjoying the joy, stoke and awareness Dopper brings to people. Everyone loves the cool bottle where the ‘cup’ is also the lid of the bottle. It does make a great wine glass while you’re drinking water…

Besides the cool handy product, I have really enjoyed the conversation, awareness and positive change Dopper opens up in everyone. My friends and family come up with ideas how they can inspire others, where they can reduce trash and waste in their lives and jobs. Kids at schools and events become more aware and will spread the message in their network how to #bethemessenger. I receive more help each time I suggest a beach clean up and I realize that a lot of people do ride for cleaner oceans and that there are a lot of positive changes to look forward to.

The ocean is my play ground, my place of sanity, love, inspiration and challenge. I am thankful I have such beautiful place to connect to; discover and play with her endless awesome sea life as well. Riding for cleaner oceans is a little effort from my side to say thank you and to give back to our Ocean. Will you join?


About Dopper ambassador Anne-Marie Reichman

Anne-Marie is a professional windsurfer who is also a passionate surfer and stand up paddler making the most of every condition the ocean provides. Artpainting, yoga and shaping boards are her other passions. These creative activities offer balance in her active life full of travels. By doing what she loves to do most, she wants to motivate and inspire everyone to follow their dreams and passions in life. Her motto being: “Dream of life, live your dream”. This is a continuous choice she makes. Anne-Marie spends most of her year in California, Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands and Holland.

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