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As our ocean-saving partner, we know you love making an impact. Which is exactly what you do by spreading our mission. To help you do that even better, we’ve created several assets that effortlessly tell the Dopper story. (They’re free.)

The ultimate communication kit

Everything you need to tell the Dopper story.

Dopper is 100% mission-driven. Each bottle sold reduces plastic pollution and brings clean drinking water to the places people need it the most. That’s what makes owning (or distributing!) a Dopper a sustainable statement: it’s a bottle on a mission.

To help you distribute as many of these sustainable statements as possible, we’ve created a perfect collection of mission-driven content. You can download each one separately, or get the whole package at once.

Lets Fight

An introduction


Are you one of our newest ocean-saving partners? Or in need of a refresher? We’ve got everything you need to familiarise yourself (or others) with all things Dopper. From our introduction presentation to helpful communication guidelines. Go on, dive in.

Dopper Presentations

A collection of good-looking Powerpoint decks that will answer all your questions. The ones about Dopper, anyway. Use these to quickly learn or share more about what we can offer you and what you can offer customers.

How to use it:
- Include in an email as an attachment
- Include in a newsletter as a download link
- Use on stage during a presentation/event

Communication assets

Use these images, texts and guidelines to your advantage when creating your own communication. Please remember to always combine images with mission text. Our oceans will thank you.

How to use it:
- Customise to create your own Dopper content. On brand.

Save the Planet 1

A tutorial

Online order process

Let this one-minute video guide you through the online ordering process (spoiler alert: it's easier than ever).

Getting in the flow

Communication strategy

Up to speed? Let’s make sure you can keep rowing the Dopper boat gently down the plastic-free stream. With the files below you’re all set to create a seamless set of communications to continue saving our oceans.

A kickstart

About Dopper

Do you need a quick introduction about the Dopper brand or looking for our logo?

What's in it:
- Company description
- Logo
- Catalogue

Product image bank

In search of beautiful product images? We’ve got millions. Seriously, it’s a photogenic bottle. For you, however, we’ve made a selection of our best shots. Are you creating content about Dopper? Please don’t forget to mention the mission.

How to use it?
- as visuals in communication about Dopper
- please add mission copy

High resolution, print ready

Posters and advertisements

Looking for a way to dress up your pavement sign or adding table talkers with our products? We even have your magazine covered!

What's in it?
- A0 and A4 posters
- Advertorials full page A3 and half page A4 horizontal
- Product USP table talkers A5

ready to use

Social media posts

Feel like using the power of social media to reach new (potential) Dopper users? We’ve got you covered with several concept posts unveiling you as one of our ocean-saving partners. Details of each post differ (from USP's to mission copy) depending on its purpose.

How to use it:
- both copy and images available
- to be used on your own Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts
- to be customised to fit your style and tone of voice

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New content

Stay updated

We’re constantly working on bigger, bolder and better ways to turn the tide on plastic pollution. Which explains why we regularly have new campaigns and materials available for your use. When we do, you’ll find our most recent assets here.

New mood shots

Back to school, to the office and sports

Looking to update your Dopper product shots? Via the link below you can download our latest photos, compliments of our photography team. Beautiful shots of Doppers in school and (home) office settings, as well as on the sports field. Perfect to use as people return from their summer break later this year.

How to use them?
- As visuals in communication about Dopper
- Please remember to add mission copy


Dopper Glass wins Green Product Award 2021

We’ve known it for years, but now it’s official. On April 14, our crystal clear ocean-saving device, the first reusable glass bottle to ever be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze, won a Green Product Award 2021. Want to help us celebrate? We created materials for you to do just that. Download photos of the (award-winning) production process, updated product shots and ready-to-use copy below.


Join our wave against single-use water bottles

The Dopper Wave

Simple everyday actions. That’s all it takes to prevent large amounts of single-use plastic from entering our oceans. Sound good? Sign the pledge to ban single-use plastic water bottles; promise to drink tap water whenever possible and to always bring your own reusable bottle. You won’t be just a drop in the ocean: you will be a drop in a massive wave.

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