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So do our oceans. Yet global commitments to fix the plastic pollution problem stop at 7%. Let’s go further. 

The situation

When we heard the EU is implementing new measures to reduce single-use plastic pollution, we got excited.

But then we found out that all global government and industry commitments combined (including the EU measures) only reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste entering our oceans by 7%.

Which means by 2040, we’re still looking at 27 million metric tons of single-use plastic waste ending up in our deep blue waters – every year.

At this point, government and industry commitments aren’t enough. Let’s go further by pledging to ban single-use water bottles from our lives. And demand the EU does the same.

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💧 This campaign is an initiative of Dopper. The Dutch social enterprise on a mission to fight single-use plastic water bottles and save our oceans.

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How you can take action

Despite being part of the top 10 single-use plastic items found littering Europe’s beaches (single-use plastic drinks bottles rank #1), the EU isn’t banning single-use plastic water bottles.

The good news is: you can.

Join thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations who have already pledged to ban single-use plastic water bottles now.

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We're demanding change from the EU

On November 9, we were in Brussels to deliver our letter with one demand: an EU ban on single-use plastic water bottles. We did this together with the almost 500,000 drops in our Wave and partners who have stepped up to fight for cleaner oceans. Because 7% is not enough to save our oceans.

We represented our community of change-makers handing over our letter demanding change. We arrived in Brussel to bring the message across, to address the urgency of this issue and inspire to positive change. This is only the beginning and we won't stop here.

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Sign the pledge to add your voice

7% is not enough

Help us spread the word

To make a statement that cannot be ignored, we need as many people as possible to join the Wave and sign the pledge against single-use water bottles.

Help us spread the word that fixing the plastic pollution problem by only 7% isn’t enough.

Your impact counts


Individuals have already signed the pledge


Organisations have already signed the pledge

Let's go further

7% is not enough to save our oceans. Take action now.

Campaign partners

This campaign is made possible by a group of badass plastic pollution-fighting partners. Each of them illustrating in their own way exactly how absurd it is to only get 7% of what you need.

Water Bear
Redo Papers
Studio Henk
Good Roll
Four Leaves
Mud Jeans
My Muesli

We want to give a shout-out to the following partners that support our campaign:

Inspired by these ocean-saving frontrunners?

Take action now 

There you have it. The EU ban on single-use plastics and Directive (EU) 2019/904 in a (very large) nutshell. Conclusion? Yes, the Directive is a great first step in the fight against plastic pollution. Is it enough to save our oceans? Nope.

At this point, government and industry commitments aren’t enough. Show the EU that you're stepping up to fight for cleaner oceans by joining the Dopper Wave, banning single-use plastic water bottles from your life. And demand that they do the same.

Let's kick single-use water bottles out of the EU beach litter top 10. Once and for all.