About the Foundation

Dopper is a B Corp: a Benefit Corporation. We do not just want to be the best in the world, we also want to the best for the world. This means that besides profits, we want to make an actual impact as well. We pursue this goal with our sustainable water bottle: the more Doppers we sell, the fewer disposable bottles will be used. We furthermore also support projects through our Dopper Foundation, which is funded with 5% of our turnover.

99 problems and single-use plastic is one

Every year, over 8 million kilo tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans. A significant portion of this consists of plastic bottles. If you want to visualise this: this volume equals the weight of 160,000 heavy sperm whales, and represents 1 garbage truck per second. The plastic in the oceans does not degrade, but fragments into microplastics and nanoplastics. These tiny particles are digested by marine creatures and – through these animals – finally end up on your plate. Yummy! Reducing plastic consumption and reusing plastics are vital ways to curtail this environmental disaster, and it is also better for your wallet.


Crystal-clear water from tap to ocean – that is the shared dream of Dopper and the Dopper Foundation. These organisations both have different ways of making this dream come true. Dopper wants to promote one reusable design water bottle to make all single-use plastic bottles superfluous. The Dopper Foundation wants to encourage other changemakers and to further innovative solutions that turn the tide on plastic pollution – and this means all plastic pollution, not just the pollution caused by single-use plastic bottles. And because people need clean drinking water before they can opt for sustainable alternatives to bottled water, the Dopper Foundation is also investing in universal access to safe drinking water.

Mission Dopper Foundation: ‘Dopper Foundation encourages changemakers that help turn the tide on plastics in our waters’

Benefit Corporation (B Corp)

Dopper is one of the very first B Corps in Europe. We received this certificate in 2014 as an acknowledgement that besides making a profit, we also make a social and ecological difference. B Corps are the rock stars of the new economy. Under the motto ‘using business as a force for good’, this movement represents an entirely new way of doing business. In the last few years, Dopper was followed by many other companies in the Netherlands, such as Tony’s Chocolonely, Fairphone and WakaWaka. At the moment, there are over 2000 B Corps in the world, spread out over all the continents, 50 countries, and 130 industries.


We are never tired of saying it: when you purchase a Dopper, you are saving plastic and automatically donating 5% to the Dopper Foundation. But there are always other ways to boost your karma with some extra kudos, for example, by making a donation to the Dopper Foundation. You can become a silent admirer or let us shout your name from the rooftops – and social media – in utter gratitude. Dopper has an official ABNI registration as a Dutch charity, meaning that (regular) contributions are tax-deductible.


Even a single person can make a difference, but it is just so much more fun to work together! That is why we are always interested in collaborating with strategic and financial partners. We do not have any standard procedures for this, but we are open to anything. Try us!

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