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When it comes to Dopper, the bottle is the message. You already knew that. But what exactly is this message? And what does it look like? This guide will make it crystal clear.

This is a place where you can find answers, inspiration and the actual Dopper files you are looking for such as tone of voice, logo use, colour use and illustrations.

Several people have worked long and hard to establish the look, feel and tone of voice of our brand. So that it’s always recognisable and always on point. So, go forth and spread the Dopper mission. On. Brand.


Illustration Set Bottle 02

Dopper’s mission is... To empower people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles, to protect our world’s water sources.


Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans. In that very minute, one million single-use plastic bottles are purchased. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

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We are making sure no more single-use plastic water bottles will enter our world’s waters.

Punch PET Away


We empower everyone to choose reusable over single-use water bottles.

Yes. But how?

One by one, we are creating a movement of changemakers. To change the system. By offering education, funding research and raising awareness about plastic pollution. And by providing a sustainable alternative to single-use water bottles: a reusable Dopper bottle to drink tap water from. We know access to safe water is key in this scenario. That’s why every bottle also kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal.

Lets Fight

How we make an impact

Dopper is 100% focused on its mission. Making an impact is key in everything we do. Every bottle we sell, every campaign we launch, every sip we take gets us closer to our vision: a world with crystal clear waters. Where plastic pollution is a thing of the past and everyone near and far has access to safe drinking water. To maximise our impact, we base our work around three main pillars.

Illustration Set Statements Mission 15

First of all, we raise awareness about plastic pollution with kick-ass campaigns to help people see the need for change.

Illustration Set Statements Mission 11

Secondly, we offer educational programmes and we fund research, to encourage the next generation of changemakers to come up with solutions to our world's water problems.

Illustration Set Statements Mission 08

And last but not least, we make a change because individuals and companies alike are joining our movement. Spreading our message to stop plastic pollution and drink from the tap.

Tone of Voice

How we say things

Confident, bold, edgy, unexpected and positive. That's our tone of voice. To make it easy for you to hit the right notes in your Dopper communications, we've created a boilerplate document. So our mission is always spread in style. You can download the boilerplate document below.


Our logo

The primary Dopper logo (our pride and joy) is the royal blue logo, including tagline, with a noticeable blue drop. If blue really isn't an option, there is one alternative in white where the light blue drop stays the way it is.

We only use our logo in combination with our tagline: the bottle is the message.

Below you can find a download link.

Logo Image 2 01


Primary typeface

Gilroy, designed by Radomir Tynkov, is Dopper's typeface of choice.

Some pointers on how to use it:

  • Headlines should always be written in 'Extra Bold'. For body copy we usually use 'Medium'.
  • There's no need to shout. We tell our story in a mature and confident voice. That means no 'ALL CAPS', only using them when grammatically appropriate.
  • In headlines or statements, we often highlight 1-3 very important words. For this we generally use the highlight colors yellow, pink and blue.

Below are some examples and the link to download:

Typography Gilroy 2 01


Alternative typeface (webfont)

Sometimes Gilroy is not a viable option to use. For example for web and online use or in presentations.

For those situations, we chose a font that has the same look and feel as Gilroy, with the same awesome attitude:

Poppins Bold for the headlines and Poppins Medium for body copy.

Important note: Never mix Poppins with Gilroy and never use Poppins when not specifically needed.

Typography Poppins 01 01

Our colours

We love to work with colours. So, of course, we have our own handpicked set. The Dopper colours we have are used on three different levels: information, highlights and backgrounds.

Sounds complicated, but isn't. Let's break it down.

Information colour:

This is the darker colour 'Royal Blue'. This dark colour is used for, you guessed it, information. So basically all things text as well as outlines/strokes of our illustrations.

Highlight colours:

They pop, they're bold and they can make a statement. These colours are used to highlight copy: no more than 2-3 words in a head- or subline, and rarely in body copy. They are also used as a highlights in our illustrations. Only one highlight colour can be used at a time.

Background colours:
These are dusty colours that make our bottle and copy pop off the page. They're calm, pleasing to the eye and quite easy to use. Dusty blue is our favourite, but sometimes the dusty pink or yellow just work better.

Below you can find a list with our colours per category and their respective colour codes.

Information Colour

Royal Blue
RGB 26, 48, 101
CMYK 100, 85, 5, 22

Highlight Colours

Highlight Yellow
255, 234, 128
2, 0, 55, 0

Highlight Blue
RGB 98, 235, 255
CMYK 60, 0, 14, 0

Highlight Pink
RGB 238, 157, 245
CMYK 1, 41, 0, 0

Background Colours

Dusty Blue
RGB 161, 217, 221
CMYK 35, 0, 13, 0

Dusty Pink
RGB 206, 155, 186
CMYK 17, 43, 7, 22

Dusty Yellow
RGB 216, 221, 192
CMYK 16, 6, 27, 0


We don't mean to brag, but we have a kick-ass set of Dopper illustrations. Expertly crafted. They are perfectly imperfect, fierce, bold, urban and make a statement. They help us communicate and should be used when it elevates the message.

They are hand-drawn, which gives them character and authenticity and should stay unaltered.

If there's ever a situation where you have absolutely no choice but to make an alteration keep in mind that this should be approved by us.

Where/when to use the illustrations:

  • As icons – for instance on the website.
  • As small quirky elements. Either alone on a sticker, or to support copy.
  • Any place where an illustration would elevate the message.

Don't use the illustrations to fill up a page or place. It really should add value to the story.

Illustration Set Graphic Elements 16