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1. Dopper Wave is an international movement that was launched by Dopper. Dopper is the copyright owner.

2. We do of course support initiatives that, like our own, make the world a cleaner and better place. However, we do not want you to copy our ideas or make designs that resemble the Dopper Wave. This applies to all content that we develop and use on our website, newsletters, social media, etc. All intellectual property rights therein rest with Dopper and its licensors. Copying, distributing, and any other use of these materials is not permitted without the written permission of Dopper. However, you are allowed to use all texts and images that we share with you in our toolkit. So, get the word out and spread our Dopper Wave message!

3. Our toolkit also includes our logo and brand name. If your organisation endorses Dopper Wave, you may use this logo and brand name on your own company website/social media channels free of charge. If you no longer support the Dopper Wave, then you must also remove our logo and brand name from your company website.

4. Can you no longer get behind our Dopper Wave message? Then please send us a message via our contact page and remove all our logos, branding, photos, etc. from your site, social media channels, and other communication channels.

5. Dopper reserves the right to exclude parties who, after acceptance, do not (intend to) comply with the Dopper Wave message as a partner and to remove the logo from the website.

6. We may use content (in any form) that you share regarding Dopper Wave free of charge for an unlimited period of time.

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