Der Anfang

„I once saw a shocking report on the enormous amount of plastic waste that is making its way into our oceans. There, this waste changes our waters into a plastic soup. I also noticed how many mineral water bottles from plastic daily throw away people, while the best drinking water in many countries simply comes out of the water tap. One can already say that I felt „uncomfortable“. I had to do something about it! „

In January 2010, Merijn launched a competition to find the „perfect reusable drinking water bottle“. The design of Rinke van Remortel, graduate of the Technical University of Delft, won from the approximately 100 received designs. The unique shape allows the bottle to be easily cleaned, so that it can be used for many years, especially sustainable! The white part of the bottle can also be used as a mug, according to Rinke, water is placed on a pedestal. This philosophy fits perfectly with the attitude of Merijn: tap water on place 1.


Rinke’s design followed the first real models, tests and much attention in the media for the plastic problem. And on October 10, 2010, the Dutch Day of Sustainability, the first Doppers went over the sales bar. Since then the Dopper from the Dutch street scene has become an integral part. Meanwhile the sustainable water bottle conquered the rest of the world.

In addition to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, Dopper is now active in Brazil, the USA, Scandinavia and even Japan. This is not only a drink from the Dopper, but also an international community.

Dopper ambassadors are campaigning around the world to create awareness of the misuse of disposable plastic and safe drinking water. And there are many more playful actions, big and small, which show that a single Doppers ambassador can already make the difference (and that it is also great to do this together!)

Dopper has already taken great steps, and Dopper continues to strive for a better world. A world where people are aware of their environment in which we actively reduce the amount of disposable plastic waste, and everyone, near and far away, has access to safe drinking water.
The bottle is the message