JAN 4480


We always have an option that suits you.

Do you want to get yourself one-of-a-kind Dopper or one to give to someone you (seriously) love? Or do you already have a Dopper but you want a personalised cup to replace the old one or rather one extra to switch around?

Create your unique Dopper in a few easy steps.

1. Pick bottle size

  • Big (holds more than 500 ml) for those who don't want to run out of water throughout the day
  • Small (holds less than 500 ml) to put it easily into your bag.

For the cup customiser, first choose the correct cup from the spare parts. Not sure which is the cup you need? We're here to help. Just answer these questions.

2. Choose bottle type

Select original, insulated, steel or glass.

3. Customise

Change the bottle colour (pure white, sea green, pacific blue, blue lagoon, pink paradise, sunshine splash, or hakuna mintata). Choose from our cool patterns. Add some text and/or your name. Upload a nice picture.

4. Add to cart

Review your order and proceed to checkout.

You are still not sure you want to have a customised Dopper?