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Updated message related to COVID-19

Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior is now online!

Sending you good waves, Dopper gives kids the chance to solve the plastic problem from home!


We’re bringing the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior to you! We have launched a web page specifically for children (aged 8 to 12) so that they can sign up for and take part in the challenge independently from home. Children can download and print the necessary materials, which will support them in coming up with their own solution to the excessive use of single-use plastic. Their genius ideas and solutions can be submitted on our website until the 10th of October 2020. We must stress that working together on the challenge is possible, but only for those who are part of the same household. As it’s a long wait until the finals in November, we will be announcing one finalist out of the online submissions in the months April, May and June!

Teacher track

In the past few months, a lot of teachers already signed up their their class to join the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior - registering over 25.000 students! We still want to give these kids and their teachers the opportunity to do the challenge together. That’s why we have decided to postpone the deadline for teachers until after the 10th of October 2020.

Are you a teacher and you want to partake already? We’ve got you covered! Designathon Works, our international program partner for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior, has created an elaborate manual which explains the concept of Design Thinking and how to share education materials online. So even when you’re apart, you and your students can still work on the Challenge together!


The format and dates of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior and the finals have been revised. Finalists will be announced in October 2020, after which they will receive a toolkit with all the materials they need to record a video in which they explain and pitch their idea to the jury. The jury will announce the winner in November, who we will help build a prototype of their solution. The prototype will be displayed in a public place for everyone to see!

Downloads to share on socials:

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For children

1. Are you 8-12 years old? Do you always have the best ideas? Then Dopper needs your help. Take part in a challenge to save the oceans from plastic pollution. Design and build your solution. The winning solution will be implemented in real life. How cool is that? Read more here:

2. Have you heard about plastic pollution? A lot of the plastic bottles we use end up in the oceans. Not cool. That’s why Dopper started the Changemaker Challenge Junior. A challenge for ocean-saving heroes aged 8-12 to come up with the best idea to stop plastic pollution. To rewrite the plastic story. Want to join or find out more? Check out the website:

3. Are you 8-12 years old? Would you like to become an ocean-saving hero? You can. Dopper is trying to stop plastic from ending up in the oceans. And they need your help. To come up with clever ideas and smart solutions for our plastic problem. How? By signing up to the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior. Your teacher can sign up your entire class, or you can sign yourself up. Are you ready?

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For teachers

1. Hey, teachers. Looking for a creative environmental challenge for you students? We’ve got just the thing. The Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior. An international competition where children come up with solutions for single-use plastic pollution. Curious? Find out more here:

2. We. Are. Excited. In only a few short weeks, sign-up starts for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior 2020. The what? The international competition challenging children aged 8-12 to save the oceans from single-use plastic. With Dopper’s help, they’ll design and build their solutions to the plastic problem. Sign up your class and help them become changemakers.

3. Are you a teacher? Of a class full of children aged 8-12? Nice to meet you and thanks for being awesome. We’ve got something for you. An educational challenge your children are going to love. Promise. It’s the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior. An international competition during which participating children come up with and build smart solutions to the world’s plastic pollution problem. How cool is that? Sign-up starts January 13. Find out more:

4. Want to teach your children about the plastic issue? We’ve got just the thing for you. With the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior, children will not only get a basic understanding of the plastic issue. They will also work on their communication skills and critical thinking while being creative and coming up with cool and new ideas. Find out more:

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For children

Your idea can save the oceans
Have you heard about plastic soup? It’s not some new recipe your dad is trying out. It’s what happens when pieces of plastic end up in the oceans. Every minute, a truckload of plastic enters our oceans. Every single minute! The plastics float around as tiny bits and make animals and corals sick. Not cool, right?

That’s what Dopper thinks too. They’re a Dutch company making water bottles you can take with you and reuse. Over and over again. So you never need to buy a single-use plastic water bottle again. That way, no more plastic bottles will end up as plastic soup, hurting our oceans.

Are you an ocean-saving hero?
Dopper is working hard to save the oceans from single-use plastic. And they can use some help. They’re looking for people to think of great ideas. People like you and your friends. Together you can become ocean-saving heroes.

How? It’s easy! By taking part in the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior. It’s a competition that lets you come up with, design and build your solution to the plastic problem. If you’re 8-12 years old, you can sign up. Or, you can ask your teacher to sign up your whole class. How cool is that?

Be part of an international competition
Last year, 15.000 Dutch children entered. Wow. This year, there are competitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Nepal and Germany too. Because plastic pollution happens all around the world. So Dopper needs as many fun, crazy and creative ideas to help rewrite the plastic story.

How can you enter?
Are you excited to get started? Once you’ve signed up (with help from your mum, dad or teacher) Dopper will send you a bunch of fun materials. They will help you come up with and design your solution. Step by step. Until you’re happy and ready to upload it online.

The coolest and best ideas will be selected for the finals. If that’s you, you will build an actual prototype and present it to expert judges. Really? Yes, really.

At the end of the competition, the judges will select a winning idea. That could be yours! If it is, your prototype could be implemented in real life. But even if it isn’t, by taking part in the challenge, you’re doing something very cool for the oceans. You are trying to stop plastic pollution. Which is awesome.

So, are you ready to save the oceans? Great! Read more and sign up here:

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For teachers

Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior 2020
A world without single-use plastic water bottles. That’s what Dutch company Dopper works towards every day. By encouraging people to choose reusable over single-use plastic. With some seriously good-looking bottles that raise awareness wherever they’re used.

The problem
Crystal-clear water. In every ocean, from every tap. That’s what we all want, right? 8 million tons of plastic waste make their way into our oceans every year. That’s about one truckload of plastic per minute entering our waters. 1 million single-use plastic water bottles are purchased in that exact same minute. Coincidence? We don’t think so. We are ready to take action.

Dopper is committed to educating others around the world, as well as improving access to clean drinking water. As part of those efforts, the company is organising the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior. For the second year running, children aged 8-12 will be invited to participate in the challenge of a lifetime: to come up with, design and build a solution to the single-use plastic problem. Last year, 15.000 participants entered. In teams, they worked according to the Designathon method. A way of working that allows children to tackle relevant world issues. Like the plastic soup.

Going global
For the 2020 edition, the challenge is going beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Children from five countries can enter: the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Nepal and Germany. The more the merrier. Plus, more participants means more creative, inventive and out-of-the-box ideas that might just help put an end to plastic waste.

How it works
The challenge offers great educational value. Children practice communication skills, critical and creative thinking. And they’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even notice. Score. To start, teachers can sign up their entire class in one go. Dopper will send you all the materials and off you go. Simply follow the steps and, hey presto, some plastic soup solutions!

Once your medium-sized geniuses have thought out their ideas, they can be uploaded. A selection is then made for the finals, where the children will build and present their prototype.

Like any competition, the Changemaker Challenge Junior comes to an end with the announcement of a winner. But its impact doesn’t stop there. The winning solution will be implemented in real life, to show people what’s possible.

Finally, every participating student will have gained a basic understanding of the plastic issue. And hopefully, a desire to do something about it. To become a changemaker. And rewrite the plastic story.

Interested? Of course you are. Sign up!