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Designathon Works

Designathon Works envisions a world where all children are engaged in applying their creativity to design a better world. A designathon is a structured process in which children (aged 7-12 years) invent, build and present their solutions to a social or environmental issue. Through the experience, children expand their knowledge, gain 21st century skills and feel more empowered to take action. This will prepare them to prosper in a rapidly changing, increasing technological and complex world.

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Global partner

Christine Algera

Christine Algera is a biologist and author. In her book ‘Stella and Stinky and the plastic soup’, the 8-year-old girl Stella and the talking skunk Stinky travel the world together to ensure that the plastic story ends in a good way. She wrote the book to inspire children and their parents to work together to keep the oceans clean. Merijn Everaarts (founder Dopper) on Christine: “Chistine Algera successfully gets children thinking with the appealing and exciting story of ‘Stella and Stinky and the plastic soup’. It is very nicely written and it is a great tool to tell children about plastic pollution and enthuse them about their potential to turn the tide.”

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Kids have the best ideas in the world. But they can’t do it alone. Here’s your chance to help them take their solutions to the next level. With these partners on board, they’ll be the next Elon Musk by 2025.

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