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Ready to kick your plastic habits in 2024? Join the BYOB Challenge.

So sorry, you just missed the deadline! Of course you can still run your own BYOB Challenge, just set a daily reminder on your phone and go. 💪

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What is the BYOB Challenge?

Starting on January 15th and lasting for 21 days, you'll receive daily WhatsApp reminders (in English only) to Bring Your Own Bottle whenever you leave the house.

These reminders aim to reshape your routine and instil a new, sustainable habit. How? Read more here.

Why this challenge?

Research shows that forgetting to bring a reusable bottle when people leave their homes, is the no.1 reason for them to buy single-use water bottles[1]. So, we’d love to help you remember.

To celebrate your new BYOB behaviour, a 2024 Kick-start eco-pack is waiting for the most engaged participants. Will that be you?

[1] Survey by Dopper Q1 2023, within Dopper community.