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August 23, 2018

Every year, Dopper organises the party of the year, Dopper’s Seacret. Change-makers from all over the world come together, talk about our common goal, party and toast to clean oceans while our bare feet are kissed by the North Sea. This year was a great success. Not only because with more than 300 people we feel more driven than ever to improve the world, but also because with our new product, we have delivered the best launch we could wish for.

Dopper's Seacret

Zandvoort seemed to be shaking on its foundations and the roar of the surf was barely audible because of the celebrations of all the champions of clean oceans. This was the day we had all been waiting for, the date that had been shrouded in smoke, mystery and speculation for months. On 30 August 2018, during Dopper’s Seacret, we unveiled our latest product. A new bottle that is so hot and cool at the same time that you get spontaneous visions of rejoicing seagulls, back-flipping turtles and disposable water bottles that are trembling in the fridge.

Imagine: you walk towards the beach. You imagine Alice in Wonderland when two signs ask you to choose a direction. ‘Feeling hot? Go this way ’. Half expecting to meet a purple grinning cat, in a Bedouin tent you come face to face with a turbaned man offering you a refreshing cocktail. Continue that wonderful journey for a few hours, combine it with an ice landscape – including ice queen and polar bear – a night-time dance-off with fire-breathing dancers on stilts, a toast to our North Sea and the sound of drums and trumpets that hypnotise three hundred people.

The Dopper Insulated

Since Dopper’s Seacret, our Dopper family tree has gained a new branch: the Dopper Insulated. This already legendary bottle crawled out of the flames on 30 August and makes disposable water bottles tremble in the fridge.

Merijn  Everaarts, founder of Dopper: Plastic pollution is a global problem and you can’t solve it alone. We want to inspire and bring about change together with people from all over the world. And to do that, there must be no excuse for anyone to continue using single-use plastic. Whether it’s the Dopper colour not matching your outfit, or that you only drink your water boiling-hot or ice-cold. That’s why I’m so proud of the Dopper Insulated. This product ensures we can really make an impact beyond our borders’.

As Merijn said: whether you now only drink boiling-hot, or ice-cold water, there must be no single excuse for using single-use plastic. Tadaa! This is why we introduced the Dopper Insulated. This double-walled bottle keeps your icy water ice-cold for 24 hours, or your boiling water red-hot for 9 hours. And there’s not just one bottle but two. A Dopper Insulated of 350 ml and one of 580 ml. Oh yes, and it comes in two colours: Steamy Pink and Glacier Grey. We did say it was a legendary bottle, right?

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