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October 26, 2019

Remember the plastic soup? That Big (capital B) puddle of plastic floating around in the Pacific Ocean? Well, that didn’t get there by accident. The rivers of the world are partially to blame. Because did you know, that 1000 rivers are responsible for 80% of all plastic flow to our oceans? Those are numbers we don’t like. So, we’re doing it again. We’re joining forces with The Ocean Cleanup to combat the growing plastic problem. By offering you a brand-new and very limited-edition Dopper.

But how does that work?

A bottle alone isn’t going to save the world, we know. But this is not just any bottle. By purchasing this new Dopper, you’re not only preventing more plastic water bottles from entering both rivers and oceans (40 bottles a year, to be exact). You’re also funding The Ocean Cleanup and their latest innovation: The InterceptorTM. While the name might sound like an evil villain, it’s actually doing quite the opposite. Let us explain.

The technology of The InterceptorTM focuses on extracting plastic from rivers. Intercepting (it’s all in the name) it from its way to the ocean. This machine can collect up to 50.000 kgs of trash per day and has a storage capacity of 50m3. Might not sound like much, but what if we told you that’s about the volume of 10 adult elephants? Meaning the InterceptorTM can operate even in the most polluted rivers in this world.

Past, present, future

The Ocean Cleanup has been working on this ocean-saving device (hah, get it?) since 2015. That’s four years of constant thinking, trying, thinking again and implementing. At this moment The InterceptorTM is already fully operational in Indonesia and Malaysia. Soon, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, The United States and El Salvador will follow. By 2025, TOC wants to have started projects in all of the 1000 most polluting rivers in the world. And that’s a mission we can get behind.

You can help too

As you know, Dopper is all about clean water. In every ocean and from every tap. That’s why we set sail to help TOC accomplish their ambitious goals. So, we grabbed our pencils, brainstormed the night away and came up with a way to do so. The result of our sessions? A new design for the Dopper Glass. We’re calling it: The Dopper Glass 1000 Rivers. By getting your very own Dopper Glass 1000 Rivers, you’re funding not just our mission, but also The InterceptorTM. All while having a super stylish bottle to drink tap water from.

Get your hands on it, now! Be sure to grab it while it’s hot, because this product is VERY limited-edition. You snooze, you lose.

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