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November 26, 2018

Get ready for the ultimate competition. Where punches will roll like thunder, where some serious (single-use plastic) ass will be kicked and most of all, where we will take another step towards saving our planet. On February 18, the third edition of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge is taking flight. And it’s going global.

Say what?

Haven’t heard of the legendary competition that is the Dopper Changemaker Challenge? Here’s a short introduction: In this epic battle, students from around the world are competing to win prizes, fame and glory with their graduation project or thesis. The goal? To accelerate the development of solutions to global issues regarding clean (drinking) water and plastic pollution. And we’re expecting the best idea since sliced bread. Or chocolate.

From Nepal to the Netherlands

This year’s challenge isn’t just focusing on one country, or even two. The Dopper Changemaker Challenge will take place in FOUR countries around the world: The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Nepal. BAM! We are ready for some worldwide impact.

How does it work?

Glad you asked.

  • Students (Bachelor or Master) who are graduating or who just graduated can send in their ideas before April 12 on www.dopperchangemakerchallenge.com.
  • On 23 April, the judges – experts in the field of water and/or plastic - will select the twenty semi-finalists per country. That means we have eighty potential changemakers world-wide!
  • We offer a changemaker bootcamp. On May 29, the semi-finalists get a training on how to pitch their ideas.
  • During the finals on June 15 and 16, the finalists and judges will get together in the capital city of their country. Ideas will be pitched, knowledge will be shared, impact will be made.

Sign up as a student. Graduate a changemaker.

When you win this challenge, you win bigtime. These champions instantly become changemakers and we are helping them kick-off their newfound career. They receive a research grant of up to €5000,- (or £5000 or 200,000 NRS), PR Support, useful network introductions (business, research or otherwise), more opportunities to pitch their idea on stage, media coverage and more. That’s bound to get them off to a good start!

Need some inspiration? Read more about the global problems we’re trying to solve, the previous competitions and inspiring changemakers on www.dopperchangemakerchallenge.com.

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