November 28, 2018

Dopper is about to beat a lot of multinationals in the HR top 100. We just know it. A company needs at least 1000 employees to be listed in the HR top 100. We have about 40, but our HR manager Marjolijn got one of the three wildcards. Those multinationals will probably get at least 1000 votes from their personnel (or they should hope so). Are we crazy to even think we will get more votes than that? Not in the slightest. And here’s why…

What goes around, comes around. We battle single-use water bottles, we are challenging the throwaway lifestyle, starting educational programmes and supporting clean drinking water projects. If anyone has a karmapoints overload, it’s us. Did anyone say Miss Congeniality? You bet. And you haven’t even met our Marjolijn. The mother Theresa of HR managers, but with guts. Which brings us to our second point.

We have Marjolijn
It’s all about people for the HR top 100. Not just because it’s in the name (Human Recources). Marjolijn is our people-person. She’s the driving force behind the Dopper DNA. And because we’re NOT a multinational – even though we are making an impact on a global scale – she takes on EVERYTHING concerning HR. Almost entirely by herself! Drafting job desciptions, conducting interviews, celebrating anniversaries, defining the HR strategy, coaching colleagues and so much more we can’t even start to explain.

Marjolijn had Vision
With a capital V. Dopper has 5 strategical goals and Marjolijn owns one of them: “the people at Dopper make it a Great Place to Work. One fifth of everything we all do, has to do with Marjolijn. Or actually, it means we’re focusing on all of us. Because we are all part of her vision and she makes sure we are all involved. Want to find out more? Read the interview for the HR top 100 here.

She needs to face her stage fright
Talkative? That’s not Marjolijn. She doesn’t like being nominated one little bit. A stage? No thanks! She’s happy as long as the people at Dopper are happy. And if it would help Dopper to take the stage once and try to make it to the top of this list, so be it, she’ll do it. So we would like to make her the center of attention for once, even though this might make her feel uncomfortable. She deserves this spotlight. So let’s make sure she makes the top 3, shall we?

Because there are over 95 other reasons
She challenges dogmas, she accepts our office dog in a heartbeat, her modesty when giving a presentation... We promised you 100 reasons. And at Dopper, we know what they are. But we’re not writing them down here. Honestly, you wouldn’t read all of them anyway.

We believe we can beat those big battle ships. Don’t you? If you’re convinced and if you want to help our little pirate ship, with Marjolijn as the captain, to get to the top 3? Votefor Marjolijn Hendricks!

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