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October 16, 2018

Christmas is a time of disco reindeers in your front yard, trying to feed the dog your aunt’s burnt turkey and the exorbitant mountain of presents underneath the Christmas tree. UK households expect to spend an average of £473.83 on presents. But apparently, we’re not getting it right, because 54% of gifts is being returned before New Year’s. What a waste. And what’s even more wasteful, is the fact that household waste increases with 30% during the holidays. Not cool. And Santa agrees. That’s why he reached out to Dopper to spread a message: make your Christmas count! And that doesn’t mean you have to save a whale or donate all your money to charity. Below are 5 tips that’ll take your name straight to the top of Santa’s Nice list.

5 tips to get onto Santa's Nice list

1. Not just any gift

Another blue tie for dad or that same old perfume for your aunt? Don’t do it. Give a gift with meaning, one that is making our world a better place. The perfect gift is a Dopper, of course. Because this planet-saving bottle is not only keeping you hydrated after another Christmas party, it is also protecting our oceans from single-use plastic water bottles. If that’s not Nice, we don’t know what is.

2. Go vintage

Vintage has been back in business for a while now. So when you go Christmas shopping, how about a gift with a story? Just cruise the thrift shop! That seventies lamp, the antique cabinet – including old records – these are things with character! And to be honest, one of those wooden rocking horses is much better than a toy car sealed in plastic. Right?

3. The Christmas decoration doesn’t fall far from the tree

All those plastic trinkets hanging from the (possibly plastic) branches of your Christmas tree. Why do we even buy those? There are lovely wooden figurines, cotton ribbons, (actual glass) baubles... now that looks cosy!

4. Cut the wrap

Nearly 300,000 miles of wrapping paper will be thrown out this holiday season. Do you want to make a zero waste statement? Cut the wrap. This also saves you from any sticky cellotape situations.

5. Be smart about groceries

Food packaging are one of the biggest polluters during the holidays. So choose differently! Buy your Christmas dinner groceries from the market. A fresh bunch of mint and you and your garnish for the grand dessert are good to go!

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