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April 9, 2018

Dopper is a 'Great Place to Work'. Nothing insiders didn't already know, but now it's official! Tuesday evening 27 March, Merijn, Virginia and Marjolijn were at the award ceremony. It's always nice to be nominated, but this listing is extra special for us.

We are super proud of our mission, but even more so on the way we work together to create a world filled with clean water. We believe our colleagues make Dopper into the waterful company it is. So this award is not just for the big bosses (sorry Merijn and Vi), or even for our HR Manager (we still love you Marjolijn!), but for all of us.

10 reasons Dopper is a ‘Great Place to Work’

Dopper is 9th in the list 'Small' (up to 49 employees). You can read what 'Great Place to Work' wrote about Dopper here (note, this article is in Dutch), but we also made a list ourselves explaining which 10 things make Dopper so special:

1. It’s not about the bottle

Of course, we will celebrate every new name on our customer list and we don't mind making a big sale. But our goals have little to do with profit. Changemakers, that is what we are. We all dream about saving our oceans and ridding the world of single-use bottles. This gives a whole new dimension to your job!

2. Bubbles!

Inspiration is like oxygen in our office. New ideas constantly bubble up to help us reach our ambitious goals. And we have an entire network of fellow changemakers to add to this. One day you are on the phone with the Plastic Soup Surfer, the next you are listening to the founder of KarTent, explaining how cardboard tents will conquer the festival scene. Everyday, you leave the office with more energy than when you came in!

3. We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong

Every Tuesday we have an office lunch together, and colleagues tell everyone what's happening at their awesome projects. We cheer, applaud, dig in, feast and award a medal. Every week. We also have Friday drinks, or Monday, Tuesday... (drinks does not necessarily mean water at Dopper). We go on a weekend trip together, go out, have a ball and dance. Oh, and did I mention that we have a wine fridge?

4. It's my life

Is there something wrong with your pet? Did you say goodbye to your wisdom tooth and do you feel like it left a hole? We understand what you're going through. We don't do overtime. When you are sick, you are sick. If you have a day off, you have a day off (except if you still feel like doing something, like I am writing this article on my day off. But I will leave the office early tomorrow).

5. Zen

Need some relaxation? Our office managers provides you with the most delicious teas, coffee, cookies and chocolate. Go cuddle with our office dog Suus, the happiest dog alive. Do not forget to say hello to her owner Julia as well ;) Water our miniature vegetable gardens. Walk outside at the bank of the Spaarne, or have a chat with our friends at the Kaashoek ... Zennnn.

6. Practice what you preach

There is a tower of bins in the office for paper, plastic (if we have any), residual waste and organic waste. There is a 'to share' shelf in the fridge, so we do not have to throw away ten tubs of hummus every week. We drink fair chain coffee, devour kilos of Tony's and drink from our personalized Doppers. Karmapoints through the roof!

7. We have a dream

But at Dopper we make our dreams come true. We are ambitious. The Dopper way: bold, unconventional, confident and exciting. That means that we work on the most inspiring projects. Making children aware of the impact of single-use plastic? Together with an artist we build a bridge of 25,000 PET bottles. In New York City.

8. In the same boat

We are connected. And not only because we receive our salaries from the same employer. We are all part of the mission of Dopper. In fact, we have all put our signature under our goals. The MT is very open about the course we are sailing. And you have a say in that. And no, you will not be sent off the gangway.

9. A warm welcome

Are you a newbie at Dopper? You feel right at home in no time! You receive a welcome package, we will link you to a buddy with whom you can exchange ideas and experiences, you'll go on field trips to interesting companies and are immediately part of the team.

10. And so much more

Do you want to learn something new? Let's include that in your plan for the coming year. Just reset? Make some meters on a bicycle desk chair. No plans for tonight? Join us to a film premiere, lecture or sports event (Go Sven!). And so on and so on. Dopper is waterful!

Looking for a 'Great place to work'? Take a look at our vacancies!

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