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April 30, 2019

We dance in the rain, bathe until we’re wrinkly and surf the biggest waves. We enjoy water to the fullest, at home and when we travel abroad. Yet most people still don’t know how they can make a difference to help keep the oceans clean, whether they are at home or travelling. The answer is clear: by choosing to drink water from the tap. This is the message we want visitors to take home with them from ‘The Water Gate Experience’, which will be held from 30 April until 12 May.

Water facts

Did you know that by drinking tap water you could save around 40 disposable bottles per person per year? These will then not end up somewhere they don’t belong, like in the plastic vortex for example. However, we often still go for a PET bottle. It appears that tourists in the Netherlands still opt for packaged water, even though we actually have excellent tap water. Indeed, our tap water ranks among the best in the world in terms of quality and safety. A missed opportunity! By opting for tap water when you are travelling, you can easily make a personal difference. There are 39 countries in which tap water is a truly safe thirst quencher. So start by putting that Dopper in your suitcase!

A water experience

Visit ‘The Water Gate Experience’ at the Jan Dellaertplein outside Schiphol Plaza from 30 April until 12 May. Immerse yourself in our special water world and join our mission to make the world more waterful. Afterwards, you’ll only want to drink water from the tap. Wanna bet? We hope so, because honestly: Every. Drop. Counts. Keep an eye on hashtag #TapWaterEverywhere for a sneak peek.

Your chance to grab some limited editions

The ‘Water Gate Experience’ also marks the launch of the sale of the limited edition colour of 2019: Dopper Original Evergreen. This dark green bottle is a robust travel companion that loves adventure. Perhaps most important of all: this refillable bottle will also quickly save 40 plastic bottles per person per year. And that’s what it’s all about!

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