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May 1, 2016

Every once in a while we get them in the mail: photos of mildewed Doppers or complaints that the bottle smells like gran’s attic. To prevent your Dopper from becoming a microorganisms’ playground, here is a brief course on how to clean your Dopper.


First: Dopper is a sustainable water bottle, intended to promote tap water. Do you drink soft drinks, fruit juice and wine like water? Make sure you use a different bottle, because drinks other than water can affect the Dopper parts. The Dopper can be cleaned in the dishwasher (do not exceed 65° C), because it is, after all, a product of this century. Place all individual parts in the dishwasher, but no too close to the pan with decomposing pasta sauce, or other tableware that has not been rinsed properly, because that may cause discolouration. Do you still do your dishes by hand? Make sure not to use chemical dishwashing liquids, because they may leave your water tasting like them too, ewww. Always dry your Dopper well after cleaning and leave off the cap and cup when you store it away (preferably outside the cupboard) because bacteria love enclosed spaces, but you probably do not love bacteria.


Do you want to attack the dirt in your Dopper hands-on? Soak it in lukewarm water with (baking) soda and rinse with (table) vinegar. You can get rid of funny smells and tastes by filling (the bottom half) with hot water and leaving it for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to properly dry the Dopper afterwards. Never ever use boiling water to clean the Dopper. Temperatures over 65° C may cause it to deform or worse: leak.

If the cleaning tips mentioned above are not the answer to your problem, you can always contact us at: help.dopper.com.