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June 16, 2021

Written by: Sung chan (Hanto) Cho – Superb Social Media & Community Intern

Ready, set, summer.

Smell the sea and feel the breeze. After what felt like a 10-month winter, here comes the summer vacation we've all been waiting for. Life is starting again and the outside welcomes people into its arms once more.

If like us you're looking forward to creating great memories while also doing something great for our planet, you're in the right place. We’ve lined up the best sustainable tips for this coming summer vacation. From accommodation to sunglasses, these are the seven items and services that will make sure it's a summer you (and our planet) will never forget.

You get a towel, they get a towel

Are you planning your vacation to get some vitamin sea on the beach this summer? Snooze away on this eye-catching beach towel from Four Leaves, made from top-notch 100% organic cotton. For every beach towel sold, the sustainable lifestyle brand donates a towel to a Children’s Home in Sri Lanka. Give back, sleep better.

Protect your eyes from the sun and protect the environment from plastic.

Even if accessorising is your worst nightmare, sunglasses are essential for summer. Now imagine sunglasses made from wood. Voila! Sustainable, it is. These bamboo sunglasses, are light as a feather, have UV-400 polarized sunglasses and come with a handy bamboo travel case. Be unique this summer.

Nice taste, naturally

Summer is a season where eating ice cream needs no reason. Especially since the NICE company makes 100% natural ice lollies. Fresh hibiscus tea. Raspberries from Zeeland (that's in the Netherlands). Bit of cane sugar. Freeze it up. 100% organic ingredients, nothing else added. Wait, we almost forgot to mention: the factory runs on solar energy. Yup, sounds like a NICE company.

Cardboard camping

Forget everything you think you know about tents. KarTent makes ones out of cardboard. Yes, you read that right. From festival-proof tents to children's play tents - all made from a combination of recycled and FSC cardboard. In need of some campsite entertainment? They also do a foldable cardboard ping pong table. So, fancy spending this summer in a cardboard castle?

Good for your wallet and the environment

Travelling by train is amazing. Not only do you see a lot more of your destination while sitting down comfortably, it's also one of the most environmentally friendly ways of crossing borders (besides walking of course). With an Interrail Global Pass, you've got yourself a single train ticket that lets you travel as much as you want in 33 European countries. Happy wallet, happy environment indeed.

Want to reduce your environmental impact on holiday? ANNA's got you.

ANNA is a dynamic home in the shape of an open platform that lets you enjoy the elements, instead of shutting them out. By playing with the configuration of the cabin, different setups are possible to align with your mood, the occasion or weather conditions. Thanks to its ability to adapt and change, ANNA reflects the beautiful changes taking place outdoors. The cabin is just another organism within the larger ecosystem.

From the ocean to your wardrobe

Looking for a fabulous bikini for this summer? Wallien is a Dutch upcoming fashion brand producing sustainable surf- and swimwear. Their bikinis and swimsuits are made from high-quality European fabrics containing up to 75% recycled ocean plastics and are produced in the best family ateliers in Europe. As Wallien puts it: better green than sorry.

There you have it.

Our ultimate list of seven wonderful tips to make your summer vacation even more enjoyable and sustainable. We’re pretty confident there’s something for everyone on here. But just in case, we’ve got one final ace up our sleeve: our very own Dopper Insulated. Sure, we’re slightly biased. But we’ve also never met anyone who didn’t enjoy being gifted our ocean-saving insulated bottle for all seasons.

After all, who wouldn’t want a bottle that keeps your water hot for 9 hours, cold for 24, and keeps you saving our oceans. All. Year. Long.