How it started

“I once saw a shocking documentary about the huge amount of plastic that manages to make its way into our oceans, where it changes into a giant garbage patch that resembles plastic soup. I also noticed how many plastic mineral water bottles are thrown away every day, even though in many countries the best drinking water simply comes from the tap. This certainly made me feel uncomfortable. I just had to do something about it!”  

In January 2010, Merijn launched a design competition to find “the perfect reusable bottle for drinking water.” Out of nearly 100 entries, Delft University of Technology alumnus Rinke van Remortel’s design was chosen. Because of its unique design, the bottle is very easy to keep clean, and is also very durable. What’s more, if you turn the bottle upside-down to rest on its white cup, you are putting water on a pedestal. This philosophy fits perfectly with Merijn’s approach: Tap water on Number 1.

After Rinke’s initial design, the first test bottles soon followed, along with a lot of media attention for the plastic problem. And on October 10th, 2010 – “Durability Day” in the Netherlands – the first real Doppers were sold. Since then, the Dopper has become part of everyday life in the Netherlands and is frequently seen. From there, the durable water bottle has started its quest to conquer the rest of the world.