Annual Impact Report 2019

We raise awareness

How much of the information in this report will you recall two days from now? How about two weeks? Don’t worry, there will be no quizzes. The point is, we know that simply reading something isn’t the best way to remember and understand it. The more people interact with information, the more likely they are to make it their own. (Thank you Edgar Dale and his Cone of Experience.) That’s why we like to spread our ocean-saving message in interactive ways that stand out. Curious what that looks like? Let us show you.

April 2019

Oceanic Plasticarium. Putting the plastic soup on display.

“Hopefully this will be history.” That’s what Dopper Founder Merijn Everaarts said about the Oceanic Plasticarium: 2,700 litres of real-life, disgusting plastic soup. A small sample of the millions of litres just like it in our oceans. We put it on display at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, to put people eye to eye with the plastic soup. For the first time ever.

The Plasticarium offered the chance to get up close and personal with a small section of the Pacific Ocean. And (literally) face the problem we’ve all created together. Including some serious press coverage, the message reached over 22,5 million people.

The goal? To break down this issue that so often feels ‘too big to do anything about’. To empower people to feel ownership and show them they can do their part. And, to simply put the plastic soup in a museum. Because one day (soon), it will become part of history.

Speaking of ownership, thanks to a limited edition of the Black and White bottles people were able to claim their part of the oceans to protect from single-use plastic. Printed with unique coordinates, these Doppers represent squares of the ocean. Just like the one we put on display. Because when it comes to doing our part for the oceans, the answer is black and white.

May 2019

Water Gate Experience. Inspiring travellers to drink from the tap.

Do you know which countries around the world offer safe, clean drinking water straight from the tap? Neither do a lot of people. Which is a shame. If they did, they’d know exactly where they could help save our oceans, on holiday and at home. Simply by choosing to drink from the tap. And so, we decided to tell them.

Together with Schiphol Airport we created the Water Gate Experience. An immersive informative experience inspiring people to drink tap water at home and on their travels. During two weeks, we welcomed over a million people from 180 nationalities. Talk about making an impact.

To empower all those newly inspired people to keep reaching for the tap, the limited edition Evergreen bottle was introduced. And, in a Dopper first, an official social media influencer campaign was set up around this bottle and its message.

Twelve key influencers and thirty micro influencers from the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium joined us to help spread the word. While we spoke to travellers at Schiphol, the influencers shared our message with their international community online. Potentially inspiring hundreds of thousands of them to drink from the tap.

August 2019


“Research has shown that the highest percentage of plastics found in fresh water sources is from plastic bottles. That’s something we can change. By choosing reusable over single-use.”

- Merijn Everaarts, Founder Dopper, during Seacret 2019

Every year, Dopper says ‘thanks’. During our annual Seacret gathering, we thank everyone who is part of the wave. All the people involved in spreading our message of crystal clear water. In every ocean, from every tap.

We also take the opportunity to reiterate its importance. In this case, by showing everyone that plastic is hiding in plain sight. In waters like the London Thames, the Amsterdam IJ, the Rijn and Schelde. We know, because we took samples. And put them on display.

Seeing the microplastics polluting their waters with their own eyes, left over 400 people present more motivated than ever to continue the fight. Which is why we got them involved. To help spread the message further, we launched the Dopper Glass, right then and there. And asked everyone to raise their Glass with us, to crystal clear waters.

September 2019

A future to believe in. Spreading the mission in-store.

“Sustainability in retail is changing the future. Together with De Bijenkorf, we create ambassadors for our mission. With this case we show that profit and purpose go hand in hand. Together we can create a PET-free world.”

– Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO Dopper

We’ve known for a while that mission and retail can go hand in hand.

Recently, a growing group of waterful retail partners has been helping us prove it. By using shop floors, displays and windows not just for products, but to help spread a meaningful message.

Take Dutch high-end department store De Bijenkorf. We’ve been introducing a big, international audience to our mission through their shops for years. A great match, given their own ambitious sustainability goals. Last year, we took things to the next level as part of their campaign: A future to believe in. We designed a futureproof message to feature in their Amsterdam shop window.

It was the perfect opportunity to remind everyone in the Netherlands that the plastic soup is real. And what they can do to fight it. Bonus: that window never looked better.

October 2019

Dopper x The Ocean Cleanup

Sounds bad, right? It is. But it’s also good news. Because it was Dutch non-profit organisation The Ocean Cleanup who made this discovery. And then developed The InterceptorTM to do something about it. By 2025 Boyan Slat and his team aim to have Interceptors in all 1,000 of these prominent polluters.

Naturally, we decided to get involved. With a joint live stream on Facebook of the first demonstration in the port of Rotterdam, bringing this ocean-saving moment straight to the homes of our online community. Those who were present in real life, could enjoy a thirst-quenching water cocktail made by the cocktail shakers at our water bar. To top it all off, the Dopper Glass 1000 Rivers was unveiled during the event. As a limited edition, the bottle raised awareness and funds for this new plastic-extracting technology. Cheers to that.

December 2019

Our oceans will thank you.

A sustainable end to the year.

On the first day of Christmas, my baby gave to me: something wrapped in plastic that I didn’t really need. Sound familiar? That’s because more and more people are considering sustainable gift giving. Looking to gift (and receive) something with a purpose.

Since that’s a wave we could totally get on board with, that’s what we did. With a stunning display at Whole Foods UK and a matching campaign online, we helped people gift a gift that’s not only great to get. But also great for our oceans. Win-win.

Berlin, we’re coming for you

82.9 million. That’s the total population of Germany. A country that happens to provide perfectly safe, thirst-quenching water. Straight from the tap. Yet our neighbours to the east are number five on the list of the world’s biggest consumers of bottled water. Not cool.

Because we’re always happy to help, we put out some ads. Inspiring the city with good-looking info screens, city light posters and train banners. Like the ones on the left. Reminding people there’s no need to buy water wrapped in plastic. After all, the water from their tap is quite delicious.

Germany OOH Video Image

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Potsdamer Platz 3
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