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Annual Impact Report 2020

The bottle is the message

Each Dopper sold helps raise awareness. It’s the vessel that will take us to reach our goal. The better the bottle, the clearer the message and the bigger our community, the sooner we’ll get there. So, naturally, we’re continuously improving our ocean-saving device, our services and our reach.

It’s not bragging if it’s true

We’re proud of our bottles. With their unique Dutch Design, ease of use, powerful ocean-saving message, great looks… OK, so maybe it is bragging. But our impact report wouldn’t be complete without celebrating the bottles that have enabled people to save 8.5 million kgs of plastic waste from our oceans – this year.

  • A Dopper prevents 40 single-use plastic bottles a year from entering our oceans.
  • That’s 5 kgs of plastic waste in the first 5 years after purchase.
  • Our babies are BPA-free and dishwasher safe (up to 65°C. Please don’t melt your bottle.)
  • It’s a bottle and cup in one. We know, OMG.
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New in 2020

Did you know Dopper’s product development is based on our 'no excuse approach'? That's our goal to provide everyone with a reusable water bottle that perfectly fits their preference. Whether you prefer something small, big, steel or glass, and no matter what your favourite colour is, there should be a reusable bottle for you. So there's no excuse for single-use water bottles, for anyone. With that in mind, in 2020 we welcomed these new ocean-saving colours.

One bottle. All seasons.

Dopper Insulated Terracotta Tide & Breaker Blue

Saving the oceans. It’s a 365-days-a-year kind of mission. Because the single-use water bottles flooding our oceans don’t care if it’s boiling hot or freezing cold. And from now on, neither will you. Thanks to the Dopper Insulated: your perfect sidekick to help you drink from the (instant hot) water tap. Come rain or shine, or three feet of snow, this insulated bottle will keep your water hot for 9 hours or cold for 24.

And it keeps you saving our oceans from plastic pollution. All. Year. Long.

Impressive? We know.

Customiser 2.0

While we personally think our bottle is already a thing of beauty, we understand the need to make it your own. So, for everyone who wants to express themselves on the first day of school, surprise someone they love or simply needs to tell five identical bottles apart in the family dishwasher, we updated our customiser. With new patterns, new styles and even a cool Back to School campaign to tell the world. Your Dopper. Your style.

Message in a bottle

As the world continued to work from home, we came up with an inventive way to help people surprise their team, colleagues or loved ones. Or should we say, a reinvented way. We introduced a new special edition Dopper that shipped with a personal message on a real card, inside the bottle. Delivered directly to the recipient’s home. A message in a bottle. Dopper style.

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Award alert

Green Product Awards Nom

In 2020, our Dopper Glass was nominated for a Green Product Award. Perfect for a bottle that was designed to steal the sustainability spotlight. As the first reusable glass bottle that is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ (Bronze), it combines the design, quality, functionality and sustainability of a Dopper with a crystal clear material. A beautiful way to spread our ocean-saving mission.


We talk quite a bit about impact. When we do, we mostly mean the positive kind our ocean-saving bottles make. But there's also the potentially negative impact on planet and people caused by the production of those bottles. Obviously, we continuously work to minimise that impact. Here’s how.

A world-first

All Dopper bottles Cradle to Cradle Certified™

In July, we had something to celebrate. Because on what seemed like a regular old Tuesday, we received the news. The news that, as of that moment, all our bottles were Cradle to Cradle Certified™. Original (Silver), Glass (Bronze), Steel (Bronze) and Insulated (Bronze) – all of them tried and tested to fit in a circular economy.

Which is very cool in of itself. But it gets even better, because it means that Dopper is the first ever reusable bottle brand in the world (!) to have all bottles Cradle to Cradle Certified™. The golden standard for safe, circular and responsible products. It’s something we couldn’t have achieved without our pioneering production partners in China and their willingness to be audited and make changes. So, cheers to them.

After we had a bit of a party, we wrote a blog to explain the ins and outs of Cradle to Cradle. In summary, it’s like working towards zero waste and minimal (or positive) impact. In nature, there’s no such thing as waste, everything has a purpose. And that is exactly what we’re aiming for at Dopper. And now that all bottles are certified, the Dopper Sport Cap and Dopper Carrier are next. We’ve already started the assessment process. Once completed, all Dopper products will be Cradle to Cradle Cerrtified™. *Mic drop*

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Dutch Design, made in China.

The Dopper Original is produced right here in the Netherlands, the birthplace of Dopper. Keeping the production close to home means easy communication and less shipping. Plus, it means our critical consumers trust that our Original is produced with respect for people and planet. Something they feel less sure about when they think of our Insulated, Glass and Steel production partners in the Far East.

BSCI Code of Conduct
Unrightfully so. As with any partner, we did our research and chose to collaborate with like-minded businesses in China. Partners who share not only our sustainability ambitions (they’ve got roofs full of solar panels), but also our commitment to being a great place to work for employees, working according to the BSCI Code of Conduct.

Why we chose China
Of course, production in China does mean our bottles need to travel more. So why not just make the Dopper Glass, Insulated and Steel in Europe too? Simply put, because we can’t. Steel bottles are only produced outside of Europe. With the exception of aluminium bottles, a material we choose not to work with as it dents more easily than steel, giving it a shorter lifespan. It also requires adding an extra lining, making it less easy to recycle. Similarly, you won’t find the skills and machinery required to create our insulated bottle out of borosilicate glass in Europe.

Environmental impact

100% carbon neutral shipping

Because climate change is real, we don’t want to have airplanes full of Doppers flying around the world. Instead, our bottles are shipped using, well, ships. The oil used to fuel container ships is still seriously bad for the environment though, so we found an alternative for that as well: GoodFuels Bio-Fuel Oil through the GoodShipping program. 100% renewable fuel made, for example, from waste cooking oil or waste flow from the paper and pulp sector. In terms of shipping that means a 100% CO2 reduction.

The only time we resort to air shipping, is for sample bottles or when we’re facing seriously serious, unforeseen stock issues. Which, thanks to our impressive supply chain coordinators, happened only once in 2020.

How we’ll get to

Net Zero

We’ve committed to Net Zero 2030, meaning in ten years’ time, we’ll be carbon neutral. To achieve that, we have to understand our impact first. This year we started collecting data from every nook and cranny of our company. So from business travel to production and from transport to heating our office.

In Q1 of 2021 we delivered our carbon footprint report with the so-called baseline 'Scope 1-3 emissions' based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Production of the Dopper Original already runs on renewable energy, but the next step will be to plan further reduction of our emissions. Then, the last stage is to offset the remaining emissions to achieve Net Zero.

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