First things first

The year of the Wave

Ahoy. Welcome to our Annual Impact Report, the 2020 edition (dum, dum, duummm).

Scrolling through these digital pages, you’ll find a story filled with ups and downs. Like everyone else in the world, we didn’t expect what 2020 threw at us. Neither did our partners or our global community of Dopper users. Honestly, it was a bleeping tough year. We had planned for international expansion. To reach more people than ever before with our message to save our oceans from plastic pollution. Instead, we had to take a step back. Take care of each other. Rethink strategies. And – hardest of all – say goodbye to part of the team.

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Every drop counts

But that’s only part of the story. The other part of the 2020 story is about you. About the 1.7 million people who got a Dopper bottle to fight plastic pollution with. About the partners that helped spread our bottle and its mission. With your help, we continued to put that mission first.

Through epic awareness campaigns, an international educational challenge, our very own digital talk series, visiting Nepal, new ocean-saving bottles, multiple awards, and launching the Dopper Wave against single-use plastic. Despite the choppy waters, our Dopper users, partners and ambassadors all did their part, making some of the biggest ocean-saving, plastic pollution-fighting impact yet. Reminding us that in the face of big challenges, every drop counts.

It’s a story we’re proud to share with you. Openly, transparently and ready to take in any feedback you’ve got for us.

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Your impact

2020 in numbers

1.7 million people were empowered to choose reusable and join the fight against single-use plastic by buying or receiving a Dopper bottle.

In 2017, an external party assessed
Dopper's impact in the Netherlands. They estimated that people who were given a Dopper, used 40 less single-use plastic bottles a year in the first 5 years of using a Dopper bottle. That's 200 disposable plastic bottles or 5 kgs of plastic waste saved. Times that by 1.7 million = 8.5 million kgs. Huzzah.

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Education plays a big role in our fight against single-use plastic. Last year, our education team organised the biggest and best edition of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Junior yet: empowering 31,000 (!) kids from 5 different countries to design their solution to plastic solution. For the whole story, check the Education section.

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Dopper has been connected to Nepal from day one. Our mission is to empower everyone to choose reusable and drink from the tap. In Nepal, that means first making sure people have a water tap with safe drinking water to begin with. Every Dopper bottle sold contributes to projects focused on exactly that. Find more details in the Change section of this report.

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On World Oceans Day 2020, we launched the Dopper Wave. A global movement of individuals, and businesses alike taking a pledge to ban single-use plastic bottles from their lives, their offices, their events. In just seven months, this wave of change already reached 422,500 people. Find out more in the Change section.

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When behavioural change becomes solidarity

“2020 has accelerated the rate at which the world is becoming aware of the power of individuals to create real change. By social distancing, caring about others, taking responsibility and by making better everyday choices, we’ve proven that adjusting our behaviour can save lives, and our planet.

Show solidarity for other human beings and our planet. Believe in your own individual power and take action. Every drop counts. Life is like a boomerang: it will always come back in a positive way. Let’s be the change!”

- Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO Dopper

Our mission

In case you're new here: Dopper's mission is empowering people to choose reusable over single-use plastic water bottles, to protect our world’s oceans.  

Want to know more? Check out our mission page or take a minute (and 2 seconds) to watch the video below.