Annual Impact Report 2019

We care about people.

Sure, our communication tends to focus on water. But if you ask us, caring about people and caring about the state of our world’s waters go hand in hand. Celebrating people is another hobby of ours. Whether it’s our brilliant Dopper team, our waterful partners or our ever-growing community of changemakers.

Great place to work

Dopper is a Great Place to Work – both for its team and because of that same team. As our Finance Manager Ahcene Ouadia puts it: “Everything is about the Dopper mission. That also includes accounting practices, for example. Everyone is able to link their work to the company goal, which leads to an incredibly committed team.”

If you won’t take Ahcene’s word for it, we are officially certified. As a Great Place to Work. In 2019 we took part for the third year in a row and came second in the category Small Workplaces.

“From the moment I joined Dopper, I felt right at home. During a period of quick and serious growth, Dopper managed to create a wonderful working environment. Filled with great people with even greater stories. At a company where everyone lives and breathes the mission, you never have to ask yourself what you’re doing it for.”

– Niels Heijman, Product Development Manager

Dopper loves company

  • team lunches
    53 team lunches null

  • new colleagues
    27 new colleagues null

  • nationalities
    11 nationalities null

Sounds pretty great, right?

How we manage it? We get together. A lot. Both during and after office hours. With or without food. (Usually with.) Sometimes there’s singing, too. But we digress. Here are some examples:

Weekly Tuesday Lunch Presentations.

Where we make sure everyone is up to date with the latest developments. From updates from the CEO to milestone announcements to new team member introductions. You name it, we’ve discussed it.

Department and team events

2019 was a big year growth wise. To keep teams close amidst growing numbers, we got creative. There was curling, volunteering administrative help to a charity, karaoke and a scavenger hunt. And that was just the start.


Those who work together, sweat together. Is that not a real saying? Either way, that’s what we did at Dopper. With weekly yoga sessions and bootcamp as well as after work football.

Waterful weekend

One weekend in May, our ocean-saving heroes actually took to the oceans. We mean, the lake. During the ultimate combination of team bonding and education, they sailed across the Dutch IJsselmeer. Aside from enjoying being out on the water, the experience included a workshop on how to make your own plastic-free cosmetics. And - of course - they went fishing for plastic. Under the expert leadership of By the Ocean We Unite, they fished, analysed and learnt about what's really in our waters.

Dopper as a B Corp

B the change

Part of being a good employer, is simply being, well, good. That's not to say we’re perfect. But we are a B Corporation: a company using business as a force for good. In practice, being a B Corp means we constantly keep one question at the back of our minds:

How do the day-to-day operations of our company create positive impact for our workers, community and environment?

The certification is only available for companies that have obtained over 80 points in the so-called B Corp Impact Assessment. Yes, that’s a thing.

Our latest certification was in October 2018, when we scored 101.8 points (very specific, we know) in our assessment.

Although our next re-certification isn’t until 2021, we like to be prepared. And so, 2019 was the year we first introduced our very own B Corp Committee. What a committee like that might do, you ask? Over the next two years, they’ll help us be even better and do more good. By evaluating and improving everything from our office building to our production processes. And from our projects in Nepal to mission communication.

The aim is to pass our next re-certification with at least 131 points. That would put us in the top 10% B Corps of the world, which is exactly where we like to be. Leading by example.

Net zero starts now

Although we understand you can’t keep up with every little detail of our daily work, here’s a 2019 achievement we hope sounds familiar.

In December, we were incredibly proud to announce that Dopper was among over 500 companies to publicly commit to achieving net zero emissions by 2030.

That’s 20 years ahead of the targets set in the Paris Agreement. Boom. To reach this admittedly bold goal, we will reduce, reduce, reduce. Should there not yet be another way, we will offset the remaining emissions – eventually by investing in ocean-related offsetting practices.

Everything else

The challenge with being a great place to work is that there’s too much to tell. And we do realise you have other things to do besides reading up on Dopper. (Though we can’t think of anything right now...) So, are you ready for the shortened version of our remaining highlights of 2019?

- We were joined by 27 new colleagues, including 2 groups of interns - Six people were hired after our first-ever (and incredibly fun) career event - One intern returned as full-time colleague - Our ocean-saving heroes became even smarter heroes by using their education budgets - Several teams completed DISC workshops - We went to Terschelling to help clean the beach after the MSC Zoe container spill - Four team members got married, one got engaged - We celebrated the birth of four Dopper babies and are expecting (at least) three more early 2020 - We celebrated Easter, Sinterklaas and Christmas - We started prepping our move to a new building -

And through it all, we’re supported and guided by the most committed, capable and fun leadership team there is.