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2015: We're already convinced that in 10 years' time, wine connoisseurs will sigh that this was 'a great year'. Historians with hair sprouting wildly from their nostrils will argue that this was the year in which the future began. And if they don't, we will. Because 2015 will go down in Dopper history as the year we stopped playing with our dolls and grew up. Well, that is to say: the company did - not the employees. After five years, our fight against single-use plastic and for clean drinking water has seriously taken shape. We sold as many as 1,341,890 Doppers. That's about twice as many as the 727,742 we sold the year before, almost doubling our turnover from € 3,959,595 in 2014 to € 7,079,787 in 2015. We sold the Doppers through our web store, of course, but also through the 550 Dopper sales outlets. We pushed three more pins into our map of the world, because in 2015 we also conquered Germany, Brazil and Denmark (bloodlessly, of course). In addition, we shipped our Doppers to 24 different countries and set a tentative first foot ashore in the US. At our Haarlem office, we suddenly needed to divvy up the Tony Chocolonely-chocolate between 27 hungry mouths, instead of the 18 mouths of the previous year. Of course, this meant all our employees are now at least 0.0001 stone less overweight.

Now, all these figures may be great, but nobody reads a math book for their entertainment. That's why we've molded our annual figures into a swell new-fangled video-report (in full color)!

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Creating Awareness

Of course, a new phase in life comes with new friends. And we don't mean those jocks with their sports jackets and fancy cars, but real friends. Friends for life. We've done everything we could to make them. We went out onto the beaches and down the streets to tell our story. We even invited our brand-new BFF's into our home, in order to get to know friendly companies during the B-talks. And completely in step with the times, we also made virtual friends. On Facebook, 36,994 people put their thumbs up for us, liking, responding to and sharing our posts no fewer than 43,461 times. On Instagram, 2,500 hashtagging fitgirls and -boys embraced our virginal account, letting a selection of beautiful Dopper pics loose into the world using the hashtag #bethemessenger. All these new friends, as well as our loyal existing friends of course, are helping us to make a worldwide impact. They are passing on our story - they are our messengers for a better world.

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Not unimportant in Dopper's annual report is...the Dopper! Because 'the bottle is the message'. Just like our message, the unique design of our bottle has remained unchanged. For variety's sake, we did make some changes to our product range. For example, our little princess Pretty Pink made way for tough guy Dopper Deep Purple, and in honor of our fifth birthday, up-and-coming artist Pablo Lucker designed the Pablo x Dopper. For this limited edition, only 510 bottles were made in each color, making the Pablo x Dopper a true collector's item. The machines at VDL Wientjes in Emmen, the Netherlands have been working at full blast, because in 2015, the Dopper gained serious ground on the PET-bottle (ugh!). More and more employers, local authorities, school boards, retailers and consumers realize that the Dopper is a sustainable and fashionable alternative for the polluting single-use bottles. Thanks to them, the Dopper virus is spreading like an oil stain - or, to use a more sustainable metaphor, like a water drop. An ever-growing number of universities, places of work, gyms, trains and festivals are coloring purple, blue, white, red, green and yellow - all at once. And we are incredibly proud of that.

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Dopper Donations Dopper Simavi and NEWAH


The growth we experienced in 2015 also resulted in a higher turnover. We didn't use this to go on a booze cruise to Ibiza, but we did turn over 5% to the Dopper Foundation. Because making profit is not our goal, it's just a means to achieve our goal. And that goal is to create active awareness about the impact of single-use plastic waste and to increase worldwide access to safe drinking water. Because nobody would have to buy single-use plastic bottles anymore if clean drinking water came out of every faucet! And that would mean a lot less plastic waste. With the Dopper Foundation, we're trying to turn our goals into a reality. Of the €354,248.78 that was deposited into the Foundation's account, €165,379.92 went to the water and sanitation projects of Simavi and its local partner NEWAH in Nepal. The American organization Water Aid received a check worth €11.744,47. Part of the remainder of €177.124,39 went to the Dopper Academy. This academy provides educational programs on the subjects of water and (street) litter for the thinkers and doers of the future: high school and college students. In addition, the Foundation's money was used to develop the Dopper Shopper: a sustainable and durable design bag, of which the entire proceeds will go to the post-earthquake reconstruction of Nepal.

In 2015, Simavi realized as many as 473 water tap points and 2,674 latrines with the amount of €100,259 that was donated by the Dopper Foundation over 2014. As a result, 11,889 Nepalese were provided with better access to drinking water, and 19,992 with better access to sanitary facilities.


People & Partners

What would Dopper be without the committed people who dedicate themselves to its mission with heart and soul? Exactly: a water bottle. Thankfully, Dopper doesn't have to make do without those people, and we are so much more than just a water bottle - we are a global movement. From our manufacturer in Emmen, the Netherlands to our women's volleyball team in Rio, Brazil, from our Plastic Soup Surfer Merijn to sparring partner Tony's Chocolonely, and from our employees at our Haarlem home base to those working at our 'embassies' in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin. Everyone, everywhere, each in their own way, is contributing to the realization of our dream. The dream of a world in which people are aware of the environment, where we are actively reducing the amount of single-use plastic waste, and where everyone, close to home and far away, has access to safe drinking water.

Okay, okay, we apologize for the effect these sugary-sweet words will have on the enamel of your teeth. You can send us the dentist's bill!

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Reading tea-leaves

But that's enough looking in the rear-view mirror - time to focus on the long road ahead of us. Because as long as a yearly average of 8 million metric tons of plastic - that's equal to the weight of 160,000 corpulent sperm whales - is being dumped into the ocean, and about 1.1 billion citizens of the planet - that is to say, 1.1 billion people - do not have access to clean drinking water, our booze boat to Ibiza will remain at anchor. What are we going to do in the coming year? Well, hopefully, we will free all places of work in the Netherlands of plastic water bottles with our PET-free project; we will gain world-wide attention for the plastic problem by means of the Plastic Madonna, a larger-than-life work of art made out of street litter on Botafogu Beach; we will achieve world domination through our new sales outlets in Germany, Belgium and Brazil, as well as a genuine office in the US; and we will find the new Boyan Slat thanks to the Dopper Academy scholarship program. In short, we want to make an even bigger impact in 2016, and we want to map out that impact even better by way of solid annual figures. Which, of course, we will once more mold into a swell new-fangled video-report (in full color)! Who knows, maybe even in 3D, next year...

Now isn't that a future image that's music to your ears?

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